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The OUT foundation believes in building up the youth and the surrounding communities. Our business volunteer program is designed to partner with local businesses who have the desire to teach and grow our youth by sharing their business experience and talents.

The O.U.T Foundation family is excited to welcome Guardian Krav Maga to our business volunteer program. Guardian will offer classes and education on the art of Krav Maga to the ROM youth. Here is what the youth will be learning: At its core Krav Maga teaches students to avoid violent confrontation whenever possible and prepares students to aggressively defend themselves when no other options exist, if they feel that they are in imminent danger.

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The Elite 24 Fitness group has heard the call for community, and they answered with a big yes! Elite 24 has joined our business volunteer program and will provide fitness classes, nutrition, and health living education. Here is what the youth will be learning: Fitness tips on daily exercise, dance classes, education on healthy eating habits, and as a bonus to our youth Elite 24 has offered to host a business seminar on entrepreneurship for fitness, health, and clothing design.

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It is a true pleasure to have the Splashgang Original team join the O.U.T Foundation business partnership. The Splashgang is known for supporting the youth through art creation. Here is what the youth will be learning: Fundamentals of art and art design using watercolors, spray paint, acrylic paint, and drawing. As a bonus to the youth Splashgang has offered to host a business seminar on small business digital and graphic marketing and social media business creation.

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The OUT Foundation is excited to have a Bay Area native and former Raider player, Dr. Robert Watts, Industrial Psychologist; partner with us for the “Oshimode Entrepreneurs Club.” 

The O.U.T Foundation is creating an avenue for the youth to learn about becoming small business owners and entrepreneurs. We are providing a place for them to be creative outward thinkers and have options in their future. The youth will participate in Oshimode Entrepreneur Club, a business boot camp powered by S.O.I.G - Show Observe Interact Grow (, where they will have access to new innovative technology. SOIG is a business owner’s dream platform with customizable modules that allows organizational teams to manage performance, project management, leadership development and has an internal learning management system (LMS).

Dr. Watts has over 30 years of experience as a keynote presentercorporate leadership practitioner, university professor and psychologist. As founder and Chief Solutions Officer, Dr. Watts creates innovative ways to deliver value to organizations of all sizes.

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