Oshiana's dreams of making an impact on the world came true! Her organs saved many lives, especially the one of a 12-year girl who was in kidney failure for 2 years. She was diagnosed with lupus and her doctors told her parents they cannot help her without a new kidney because her body was too weak and would not survive to adulthood. The story told to Oshiana’s Mom was that the little girl prayed to GOD for a kidney so she could make it to her birthday. The little girl’s parents were told she did not have much time left so they too prayed for a miracle. On November 5, 2019, their prayers were answered, and Oshiana was their miracle. The little girl received the lifesaving transplant she needed and made it to her 13th birthday.  She is now a happy thriving 13-year-old girl who is thankful to Oshiana for giving her a chance to grow up.

Oshiana continued her giving through organ donation and because of that generous act, 5 lives were saved, and over 600 organ tissue grafts were also made for future donations. Thanks to Oshiana’s thoughtfulness, her miracle of a donation will be forever life changing to those whose lives she touched. 

oshi remember.jpg

Photos and signs in remembrance of Oshiana by those gathered in honor of her name and her story. Oshiana's life left and impact on the lives of others

and we will carry on her legacy.