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When we give back. We give the communities we serve more

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As you’re springing to get rid of household items this season, don’t forget about your old vehicle taking up space in your garage. The Oshiana Unique Thompkins Foundation can take it off your hands and turn it into good! We accept cars, trucks, RVs, jet skis, motorcycles, and boats as a form of support.

Here’s How It Works:


  • Call us at 855-500-7433 or Complete the Online Donation Form at Our Vehicle Donation Support Team is available seven days a week and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Schedule Your Free Pick-up: We arrange to have a licensed tow company pick up your vehicle at a time convenient for you—all at no cost to you.


  • We Receive the Funds and You Could Qualify for a Tax Deduction! Vehicle donations are tax-deductible, and we work to get the highest return per vehicle for us and for your tax benefit. In most cases, when the driver arrives for your tax-deductible gift, you’ll be provided with the donation receipt. You will be mailed a thank-you letter within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle, which also serves as a donation tax receipt. 

Mail donation: 1588 Fitzgerald Drive #309, Pinole, CA 94564

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