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Soheila bana district four candidate event at the park

Our founder had the wonderful opportunity to support Soheila Bana who is running for City Council of El Sobrante, Ca. We are happy to support her as she has made a commitment to support our efforts and the community.

To learn more about Soheila Bana visit her website

Event Media

Reach outmode

 Event Spotlight

  • Grand Opening of the ROM Center -  The Reach O.U.T Mode center will be open to the youth and community on grand opening day April 16th, 2022.

The O.U.T Foundation is asking for your help to strengthen a community in need and keep the goals of Oshiana alive. We ask that you consider supporting our cause. Our fundraising goal for the Reach O.U.T Mode center grand opening is $20,000. Funds from all donations will be used for computer and digital studio equipment, recreation gaming systems, food/pantry essentials, and school and art supplies. Our organization relies on the support of generous donors such as you, and your donation will help ensure the success of our future. If you are unable to donate but would like to support the foundation in other ways such as providing any of the items listed above or other business services, please contact us to receive additional information regarding donation of products and services  

  • new east bay recreation center honors shooting victim,READ MORE HERE FROM NBC bay area

  • celebrating Dia De Los Muertos

  •  Honors donor stories

  • READ MORE HERE FROM donor west network

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